Online Sources

Excellent Sources of Helpful Tips and Information

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Academy of Model Aeronauticshttps://www.modelaircraft.orgWorld's largest sport aviation organization. A nonprofit community of enthusiasts who come together to celebrate model aviation.
RC Universe very complete forum with tons of information
RC Groups great RC forum. Lots of good chats and a good used marketplace to buy/sell.
RC Pilot new RC discussion site.
Model Airplane News information site from the magazine publisher of the same name. Does not require a subscription to the magazine to read the online articles on gear, flying, tech and tips.
The Balsa Workbenchhttp://balsaworkbench.comGood information for kit and scratch balsa plane building.
Spektrum NX Tutorials easy to follow YouTube tutorials for programming the NX radios as well as some Spektrum receivers
Facebook Groupshttp://www.facebook.comLove it or hate it, Facebook does have quite a few interesting and useful groups focused on RC flying in general as well as specific genres of flying. Also useful for specific brands of components or planes.
YouTube wealth of useful "how to" videos as as well as just "plane" fun videos.
International Miniature Aerobatic Club (IMAC) organization dedicated to the competitive sport of radio controlled Scale Aerobatic competition.
Airfield Modelshttps://airfieldmodels.comAn excellent and exhaustive site for information related to building and maintaining RC aircraft.
R/C Airplane World of information.
Model Aviationhttps://www.modelaviation.comReference and archive site for members of the AMA.
Hooked on RC Airplaneshttps://www.hooked-on-rc-airplanes.comMatt Brown maintains this site personally for the benefit of RC enthusiasts. Much information.
2-Stroke Glow to Electric Conversion Guide
Convenient PDF file
Hangtimes Hobbies Consortium source of information concerning battery technology