Booth Free Elementary School, Roxbury, CT - May 16, 2022

Ron Faanes lead a team of FLYRC volunteers to the Booth Free School in Roxbury, CT, as part of a local STEM program for young children. The STEM program was introduced by the National Science Foundation in 2001 to promote learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  Ron presented a detailed slideshow on the principals of flight, along with several hands-on demonstrations and static displays.  Mike Samsen, Gary Klein, Nino Desposati, Bill Josiger, and Ron’s friend and past junior FLYRC member, Grant, helped out. Following the presentation, the students built model rockets, which Ron was able to have donated. Then came the real excitement. Half the class went outside to launch rockets with Ron and Gary and the other half flew mini helicopters with myself and Mike on a buddy box system. The day was spectacular for all: teachers, students and the FLYRC team.
Unfortunately, three of the FLYRC team and five of the students tested positive for Covid three days later. All recovered uneventfully, but what a bummer on such a spectacular day!
Watch the video below created by the class teacher. 
A big thank you to Ron for pulling this together and the able-bodied team of Mike, Gary, Nino and Grant.
Well Done!  
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