FLYRC is a Gold Level Leader club of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). We include a diverse group of men and women dedicated to the construction and flying of radio control aircraft as a means to promote interest in aviation and aeronautics.  Our ultimate goal is to educate our members and and members of our community by demonstrating the principles of flight in an environment that encourages comradeship and friendship.  Everyone is welcome to join the organization. Members are encouraged to help everyone participating in the hobby, assist newcomers (applicants), and improve the modeling and flying skills of all members.

Full Membership dues for the 2024 flying season are $150.  Junior members below the age of 18 are charged only $5 annually.  A $25 penalty is imposed for late payment.  Dues payments are not tax-deductible.  FLYRC membership chairman is Bob Motta.  Contact him at this email if you have questions: or call him at  (203) 792-8692.

To become a member of FLYRC, download the application and mail it with a check for $150 to Bob Motta at the address listed below.  You will be sent a Probationary Membership card. During the first year you will be on probation and must fly with a full member until you pass the flying test.

Membership applications may also be available at the field. However, they must be mailed to be accepted.
Mail applications and check to:
Robert Motta
26 Maplecrest Drive
Danbury, CT. 06811