The Fairfield League of Yankee Radio Controllers, better known as FlyRC, has been an established local model radio-control flying organization for over 50 years, committed to its non-profit purpose of promoting education and interest in aviation and aeronautics. We have been flying at our current location at Mitchell Farm (51 Purchase Brook Road) in Southbury, Connecticut for approximately 25 years.  Our educational programs include engagement with local civil air patrol cadets as well as outreach programs to local schools.

     We are a Gold Level Leader member (#803) of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA), that currently has over 2,500 chartered member organizations throughout the USA with approximately 195,000 individual members.  The AMA provides liability insurance for members, our club, and co-insures property owners.  All club members follow the AMA safety code and have a very detailed set of field and safety rules.

     Fairfield League of Yankee Radio Controllers Inc., a Connecticut non-stock corporation, has achieved tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status with the IRS and can therefore accept tax-deductible contributions.  We are a public charity as defined by IRS section 509(a)(2).

     Our members fly an assortment of planes ranging from very small electric-powered planes to much larger balsa wood models that are powered by alcohol or gasoline engines.  Planes can weigh from 6 ozs. up to 6 to 10 lbs.  Occasionally we have a few members who fly larger scale military and civilian planes that can weigh as much as 18 to 25 lbs.  Our members also fly helicopters and drone aircraft.  Our relatively short runway (300 feet) can not accommodate larger planes and combustion jets are not allowed at our field.  We only fly forward of our flight line over the open field facing north.  There is no flying allowed behind the flight line or over the farm, satellite dish installation or any adjoining roads.

     We have a pilot training program and require each pilot to pass a detailed qualification demonstration test before he or she is allowed to fly unaccompanied.

     Our commitment to education includes support for local high schools via “Build & Fly” programs, several model flight demonstrations at local elementary schools, and sponsorship of a flying day for the Danbury Civil Air Patrol Cadets and Danbury Grass Roots.  We have also sponsored a barbeque and flying field day for men’s clubs from Danbury and Ridgefield.  During those events our guests have actually flown one of our demonstration planes, provided by participating members, using a student/instructor flight control system (buddy-box).  We have used this system successfully many times with young children and grown adults.  It’s uplifting to see their faces light up when they are actually flying a plane.

     In addition we have several club “fly-in” events during the season, that are accompanied by great camaraderie and, of course, barbeque.

     We currently have approximately 60 full-time members with a good cross-section of technical and non-technical folks, including doctors, pilots, teachers, engineers, mechanics and technicians, both retired and working.  All are dedicated to the building and flying of radio-control aircraft with comradeship and friendship.  Everyone is welcome to join our organization without bias to race, religion or creed.  Members are encouraged to help everyone participating in the hobby, and to assist our new applicants.  The improvement of the modeling and flying skills of all members is a club goal.

     We offer an introductory pilot training program for folks interested in learning more about aviation.  We can supply the equipment and insurance for a modest fee, which is credited toward membership dues when he/she joins our club.

     Operations of the club are financed by annual dues, auctions, donations, and raffles.  The general club business meetings are held at 7:00 PM on the first Wednesday of every off-season month at a local meeting hall or via Zoom during the pandemic.  See the “Event” and “JOIN” section for more info about how to join the Club.  For additional information, feel free to contact one of the club officers listed under the “Club Officers” tab.