Fairfield League of Yankee Radio Controllers  

Secretary Report

 October 7, 2009 Club Meeting



General Business:

Cliff Becker began the meeting and mentioned that club dues are now due.

Treasurer Report:

Brian reviewed all expenses and income since his last review. A vote was taken and the Treasurers Report was accepted.


Bob Mona announced that membership for the club is full and that 28 people were awaiting entrance into the club.

Field Review:

The Southbury field is in great shape as well as the Newtown field.

Sound & Safety:

Gino mentioned that old batteries should b replaced by newer ones. Donít fly over the pit area because you may crash into someone. Watch each other at the field and suggest corrections to things people are doing wrong.

Old Business:

Cliff mentioned that the Kids Day Event went well as well as the club clean up day.

New Business:

Cliff presented a new club calendar to members for their approval. The calendar is attached to this newsletter for review and comments. At the next club meeting there will be a Swap Meet. Bring in any unwanted models or supplies you may want to sell. 

Cliff mentioned that club dues are due and if anyone is not paid in lull be the start of the new  year he is out of the club. A motion to accept this was voted on and agreed by club members.

Paul Ivy proposed a general flying day with a picnic on October 17, 2009. A motion to accept the general flying day was voted on and agreed on by club members. 

Cliff mentioned that we need top soil for the Southbury Field road. Also it was mentioned that someone in the club had something stolen out of their car and that other members should he careful with their possessions.

Frequency Board:

Generally at the Southbury field very few members are posting their AMA Cards on the frequency board. This can cause serious problems. Cliff asked for suggestions on what to do to improve this situation. Bob Motta mentioned posting membership cards in the frequency box when you fly and if you turn on your transmitter and your number is not posted and you down someone plane you owe them the cost of a new plane. Cliff mentioned that members should have badges to display on their lapels. Club members will research how to do this.

New Waiting List For New Members:

Cliff proposed a new waiting list procedure for new members with a choice of one of the following:


A onetime $5 fee to be put on the waiting list.


For a $50 fee a new member will be put on the waiting list and be allowed to fly at the field under the following conditions;


The applicant is met at the field by a FLYRC member and flies as the memberís guest for the day.


The member must be in the pilot box when the applicant flies.


The applicant must hold a current AMA membership.


The applicant must follow all FLYRC rules and regulations.


The $50 fee has to be renewed each year the applicant is on the waiting list.


When the applicantís name comes up to join the club, the applicant must join at that time or their name will be dropped from the waiting list and they will not be allowed to fly at FLYRC fields.


Club member is responsible for the applicant and their flying skills. A motion to accept the above proposal was voted on and approved by club members.

Show and Tell:

No show and tell.

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