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 October 3, 2018 Club Meeting


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APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Rich Margolis Seconded by Paul Ivey

TREASURERS REPORT: Brian Cummings gave a complete year end summary all bills accept rent are paid leaving a balance of $7000



        Moles still a problem Bill Josiger suggests we look into a natural product of Castor Oil and Garlic which will be applied in the spring.

         Bill outlined three approaches to saving money on grass cutting for next year.

o       Another club member (or members) could volunteer to mow (per written scope of services) and be compensated, as Cliff was.  


o       Purchase a machine and have a group of at least 8-10 volunteers mow & trim weekly and twice a week May thru mid-June.   Expenses would include new mower, fuel, repairs and shed to store mower. We currently have a $1,425 in our budget for field mowing. Costs above that would result in an additional member assessment.   


o     Hire a professional mowing service for May thru mid Oct (~25 mowings). We have proposals to mow the entire field, including the infield with trimming, for $80 week. We already have $1,425 in our budget for mowing, this would add about $10 per member (based on 60 members) and require us to mow the field during the time where a second weekly mowing is required  


        Bill Josiger mentioned the safety signs which are now in place


        Hobby Hangout SWAP meet date changed to October 27


        Budget for yearend was discussed and a new budget for next year was proposed.  All line items accept for lawn mowing were approved at the same level for 2018-2019. The Line Item Grass Services was changed to Field Maintenance. Grass cutting was tabled pending looking into and outside contract, purchasing a mower and cutting ourselves.

        Dues for 2019 will be $175

        A vote was taken on membership dues payment schedule.  Dues for 2109 are due 11/1.  If dues are not paid by 2/1 2019 the delinquent will be dropped from the membership roll.

o      After 2/1 a delinquent membership list will go out and displayed on the notices board at the field.  

o       A vote was taken and approved a guest can fly up to 3 times a year at the field.  


        On Friday October 19, Sikorsky will be landing a chopper at Masuk High School in Monroe for the STEM students (grades 6-8).  FLYRC has been asked to be included in the events of the day., There will be a field  to demonstrate some flying and have a static display of some of the "things" we fly.  This is a great opportunity to get some young people into the hobby and in aviation. The day consists of a few rotations of short talks to the kids about how everything works followed by a short question and answers segment and concluded with flight demonstrations.  This event will be happening from about 8:00-1:00.  The he school will be very accommodating to whatever we need. Volunteers are asked to contact mark  


        A vote was taken to form a nominations committee.  Bob Milanese and Jay Wiener volunteered to submit for the November Meeting a slate of officers which will be voted on at the December year end meeting.  

        A list of Intro-pilots will be posted at the field.  No one without this designation can fly with a beginner who has not been signed off. The club will develop its own intro pilot program

        Annual New Year fly in and brunch will be held at Ron or Russí house.

        CAP visit is scheduled for June 1 2019 with rain date June 9th

        Grass Roots will be visiting on 10/27 intro pilot volunteers are needed please contact Ron.

        The November meeting with our annual Swap Meet will be held at St Johnís Lutheran Church in Waterbury.

        If we should lose Brookfield Town Hall for a meeting place Ron Faanes has inquired about Roxbury Town Hall which is available but meeting night will be need to be changed.

        Club Constitution has been digitized which needs to be updated

        Rules are now digitized General Rules and Field Rules Web Site needs to be updated with current rules  

50/50 RAFFLE:  






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