Fairfield League of Yankee Radio Controllers  

Secretary Report

October 3, 2014 Club Meeting


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General Business:

Cliff Becker began the meeting and read the previous club notes.  A motion to accept the notes was proposed and a vote was taken to accept the club notes.  

Treasurer Report:

Brian was absent from the meeting. 


Bob Motta handed out the latest list of club members. Club dues are payable before the end of December 2014 plus the additional $25 fee that was assessed early this year, if not already paid.

Field Review:

Cliff mentioned that the Southbury and Newtown fields are in great shape.  Changes made to the Southbury field have worked out well. 

Sound & Safety:

Gino mentioned that LIPO batteries can be dangerous.  He mentioned that he dropped one and it caught on fire.  Also make sure you are flying the pattern at both fields. 

Old Business:

Eddie took first place at a recent flying event.  If members have any back issues of Model Airplane magazines they should bring them to the upcoming meetings and Cliff will collect them.  No one was hurt during the summer flying.    

New Business:

Cliff passed out the new club calendar.  The upcoming yearly picnic will be discussed.

Also, dues are due or you are out of the club.  

Ed Silva will plan out the upcoming club picnic and present it at the next club meeting.  

Gino brought up the Newtown flying field and that there are very few people flying there for the fees the club is paying.  A proposal to separate costs to members using the Newtown field was made.  We cannot afford two fields and the people using Newtown should pay a surcharge for it.  

The following options for the Newtown field will be discussed at the next meeting:

1.) Leave the field and costs the way they are currently.
2.) Prorate the cost of the field to members using that field. Those members will still be part of the club.
3.) Drop the use of the field altogether.

There will be a meeting at Cliff’s home with two members each from Southbury and Newtown to discuss these options and present it at the next meeting.

Cliff mentioned that any problems encountered by members should be presented to him in writing.        

Club Web Site:

Nothing to report.

Show and Tell:

Gino made a presentation of a plane.



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