Fairfield League of Yankee Radio Controllers  

Secretary Report

November 1, 2017 Club Meeting


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APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Jay Wiener motioned to accept Mike Hedrick seconded

TREASURERS REPORT: Rent has been paid $2,805 remains in the bank

MEMBERSHIP: 18 members are paid to date. Dues are due 11/1 flying privaleges will be ended for anyone failing to pay by 2/1 2019.

FIELD MAINTENANCE:  Moles are still a problem a cold winter will help this problem.  Further discussion will be delayed until the spring.  Several members have volunteered to look into restored mowers and will report at future meetings.  Budget for grass cutting was tabled until 2019. We will get through the end of the year with the equipment we have. Will was thanked for all the painting he had done over the summer and which spots he missed.

SOUND AND SAFETY:  The club will designate a specific area for tuning engines the area behind the shed was suggested.


·     CMAC Tri Club Dinner Jan 5.2019 Roberto’s 6pm

·     On Friday October 19, was  Sikorsky day Masuk High School in Monroe for the STEM students (grades 6-8).  FLYRC volunteered to help with the event doing outdoor and indoor flying.   Two hundred twenty students have participated.  Ron Faanes will reach out to Mark McKee to get type of helicopter, the pilot’s names and get pictured.  Ron will write an article for AMA and local papers.


            Nomination Committee (Wiener/Milanese)   the slate of nominated club officers



Vice President



Bill Josigner

Paul Ivey

Ron Faanes

Ron Faanes

Mike Herrick

Roger Hornecker

Ken Blau

Nino Despsosati

Jay Weiner

The nomination committee received response from 15 members for officers.  The secretary will email ballots to all current Fly RC members.  For members not able to attend the filled out ballot will be counted if returned to R. Faanes Secretary by Dec 4, 2018.  A motion was by Paul Ivey and seconded by Rich Margolis and passed  to allow a proxy vote or email vote if someone at the last minute cannot attend the December meeting. The motion was passed unanimously. 

Cliff Becker current President who has served for 19 years gave a resignation speech and endorsed Bill Josigner for President.  Cliff will remain on the Executive Board for 2019 as stipulated in the Bi Laws. The membership gave a loud approval for his commitment to the club.

·     Picnic summary (Motta) reported 21 people attended.  BobBlonski cooked

·     Budget Final Approval (grass cutting) abled until the spring

·     Finalize rule of when a buddy box is required Tabled until after the New Year       and to be updated with the revision of the rules.

·     Speaker program Inviting Andy Agenio AMA District Vice President to a meeting to discuss recruiting new members and general AMA issues membership agreed to R.Faanes will do the footwork.

·     Speaker program Inviting Gerry Yarish or local model enthusiasts membership agreed R. Faanes will do the foot work..

·     Club Constitution has been digitized a committee will be established to review and revise and present to membership for approval in the New Year.

·     Rules are now digitized a committed will be established to review and revise and present to membership for approval in 2019. Do we need General Rules and Field Rules Web Site needs to be updated with current rules

·     Intro Pilot Program signup sheet was approved and will be in a notebook in the shed.  (See Attached)


·     A suggestion box has been set up at the field.  It is hoped that anyone who has issues and doesn’t want to bring up at a meeting will use this device for communication of concerns.

·     Chris brought up a dangerous situation with the hunting club where a gun was discharged in his direction.

·     Bob Blonsky mentioned that John Gallager has volunteered Hobby Hangout as a meeting place if we should lose Brookfield Town Hall.

Tabled Issues

·     Finalize grass cutting to approve 2019 budget

·     Rules and Bylaw’s revision committee

·     Buddy Box issue will be incorporated in revised rules

50/50 RAFFLE: Rich Margules who gave his portion back to the club






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