Fairfield League of Yankee Radio Controllers  

Secretary Report

November 1, 2017 Club Meeting


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General Business:

CALL TO ORDER: Meeting was held at St Johnís Lutheran Church503 Chase Parkway, Waterbury.  Call to order was at 7:34pm


Treasurer Report:

Rent for field was paid.  All other bills have been paid.  The club is solvent


Chris Vargo motioned to approve. Paul Ivey seconded.  There was no discussion and the minutes were unanimously approved.. 


Two new members added.  Membership is now 72. Bob Motta suggested a committee be formed to address the membership issue.  

Without increasing the membership the dues will have to increase. 

Nino is requesting a list of aircraft people in the area from the FAA. We will look into sending post cards to each person on the list explaining who we are.  

Members are asked to contact local organizations they are affiliated with and give presentations. 

Field Review:

Filed in great shape one more mold spore treatment is necessary

Rules and Bi-Laws:

Nothing to Report

Sound & Safety:

When more than one plane is in the air each flyer should have a second set of eyes in the box

When starting a plane, always face the engine toward the field

When tuning  a plane, one should not use a table, but instead, face the plane toward either end of the fencing

Electric planes:  If the plane is not equipped with an activation switch, the battery should be loaded from the flight line and from behind the propeller


Nothing to Report

Old Business:

CAP visit Saturday 10/28 was a success.  Pictures are on the web site

Charging Station:  Ron Faanes mentioned that the charging station was a donation from the members who participated in putting it together

The t28 Trojian was raffled off at the Hobby Hangout Swap Meet. It raised $190 for the club.  A motion was made and passed to put the money aside for a picnic in 2018. 

The raffle was won by Ron Faanes. 

Plans for a picnic were discussed.  Ron Faanes suggested we look into an outside vendor such as Captain John or Fire and Rice Paella. 

Captain John Clam bake requires a minimum of 30 people at $30/head.  

Fire and Rice Paella is $30 per person and there is no required minimum . 

The $190 is being set aside and will go toward reducing the cost per person. 

A show of hands was asked for.  About 10 members showed interest, which when wives or best friends are included, brings the total interest to 20.   

New Business:

The current slate of officers was presented for re-election: Cliff Becker, President, Brian Cummings, Treasurer; Ron Faanes, Secretary; Bill Josiger, Field Safety officer and Bob Motta Membership. 

The slate was unanimously approved.

The budget which had been presented in detail was approved by the membership without review.  It will be on file for review. 

Grass Roots Academy event on November 12th was discussed as a possible project with the after school program.

50/50 Ron Whitlock

Club Web Site:

Nothing to report

Show and Tell:

Replaced by Swap Meet

Table to Future Meeting

Nothing Tabled

Meeting Adjournment:

Meeting Adjourned at 8:34 pm: 

Minutes submitted by Cliff Becker



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