Fairfield League of Yankee Radio Controllers  

Secretary Report

November 2, 2016 Club Meeting


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General Business:

Call to Order: 7:34PM

Membership Present: 36

Approval of Minutes: Bob Milanese motioned to approve minutes of the October 12 meeting seconded by Bob Blonski.  The minutes will be posted on the web site with the proposed 2017 budget.

Treasurer Report:

All bills have been paid.


As of the meeting there are 33 paid members.

Family membership was discussed

Field Review:

Membership thanked Bill Josiger for his efforts in renovating the field.

Todd Thompson is coordinating a load of stone for the road budget for improving the road.  It will be discussed in the spring.

Rules and Bi-Laws:

Paul Ivey and Cliff Becker will update and the updates will be voted on at the December Meeting.

Sound & Safety:

Dave Baronís accident at the NEAT Fair was discussed.  Members should not fly alone.

There have been reports of nonmembers flying at the field.

A membership list is posted at the field. Anyone not recognized needs to be questioned.

This is an AMA insurance issue if nonmembers are flying.



Old Business:

Annual  New Year Day Fun Fly will be held with lunch hosted by Ron and Sharon Faanes.

New Business:

        President Cliff Becker asked for nominations for Fly RC Officers.  Bob Blonski made a motion that the current state of officers be elected for another year.   The motion was seconded. A single vote was taken for the slate and passed unanimously.

o        President Cliff Becker

o        Secretary Ron Faanes

o        Treasurer Brian Cummings

o        Club Safety Officer Gino Antonini

o        Bob Motta

Updating web site was discussed.  One person should be the go between with Bob Ranaldo web master.  Ron Faanes volunteered to take on this task.

Bob Norton donated a solar panel from an electric golf cart.  It produces 74 volts. A committee for designing a charging station was decided upon which consists of Bob Blonski, Bob Norton, Russ Pribanic and chaired by Joe Giacone

A request for program meetings was discussed. Cliff Becker volunteered to do a fiber glassing.

Bob Motta monokote, transmitter programming and electric motor selection are topics looking for presenters.

Club Web Site:


Show and Tell:

A T28 was presented for sale.

Meeting adjourned and flea market opened with things going to the lowest bidder.

50/50 won by Rich Margules who donated proceeds to the club. He received a round of applause.

Meeting Adjournment:

Meeting Adjourned at approximately 8:32 pm: 

Minutes submitted by Ron Faanes, Secretary


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