Fairfield League of Yankee Radio Controllers  

Secretary Report

March 1, 2017 Club Meeting


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General Business:

Call to order: 7:34PM

Membership Present: 23

Treasurer Report:

Web Site paid, Toliet Pumping Paid, Taxes and H/R Block Paid.   

Treasureís report accepted. 


  Minutes of February 1, 2017 meeting approved Jay Wiener motioned to accept.

Bill Josinger Seconded


  •   67 members are paid to date

  • Bob Milanese is going to follow up with a couple of phone calls   tro members who have not paid dues and have been members for years

  • Paul Ivey and Cliff Becker updating   Fly RC Charter in accordance with AMA current definitions will be voted on April meeting

  • Bob Motta will e-mail Fly RC membership list which will not include phone numbers. 

Field Review:

  • Field is in good shape for this time of year

  • Filed Day 1st weekend in April or the weekend after Easter

  • Mole problem diminished but still an issue

  • Field day will concentrate on the far side of field

Rules and Bi-Laws:

Nothing to Report

Sound & Safety:

  • Bill Josinger is filling in for Gino

  • Suggestion were made to have a field safety session at each meeting

  • Buddy system is recommended when two or more planes are in the air. This is an AMA suggested guide line.


  • Lebanon Swap meet March 12 Lebanon PA

  • Wallingford Swap Flyers SWAP Meet  April 2

  • WRAMs SWAP Meet April 8 Yorktown


  • Heights Aerosí Festival of Giants. It is being held on August 10th thru 13th. 

Old Business:

  • Ken Blauís Bus great success with many thanks he raised $425 for the club in the effort.

  • How ToĒ listed on a pull down menu on the web site. Members have been asked to participate

  • Update of Charter Cliff and Paul

  • How to has been  set up on web site

  • Solar charging station Bob Norton has acquired a controller donít have specís yet suggested getting panel on roof during field day.   

New Business:

  • Need to find a host for New Yearís Day Fly In Lunch Ron Faanes will be out of town. Ron would talk to Russ Pribanic who lives around the corner from Ron and has ample room.

  • CAP invitation and Fly In will be June 3rd with a RD of June 10

  • Bob Blonski was contacted by the Town Hall Clerk we had left the room dirty and can no longer host our Swap Meet.  Cliff Becker has contacted his church off Exit 18.  It was suggested to open the Swap Meet to  a fund raising activity. Discussion tabled to next meeting.

  • Summer meetings were discussed and tabled to next meeting

Club Web Site:

Bob Ranaldo investigated the implementation of "drop down menus" for members to describe their expertise so that they can help fellow members.  

A sample of the "drop down menu" is on the front page of the website. It is envisioned that members with specific expertise will email Bob with the specifics of their expertise and Bob will post it along with their name.  Members will contact that member for the specific help they need. 

Show and Tell:

Bob Motta brought in a Hobby King Jet which he discussed battery hook up and potential weight issue.

50/50 won by Merrill Morsey who gave the winnings to the club

Table to Future Meeting

Cliff and Paul renewing field rules and intro pilot qualified RC Member

Meeting Adjournment:

Meeting Adjourned at approximately 8:34 pm: 

Minutes submitted by Ron Faanes

Respectfully Submitted



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