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Secretary Report

 January 16, 2019 Club Meeting


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APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Minutes of December minutes were accepted without revision.  In the future minutes will be sent out and posted on website for your review before the meeting. We will ask for corrections at the meeting, but will not read them.

TREASURES REPORT: All bills are paid.  We learned property rent is paid at the end of the year. The dues are projected to remain at $175.00 per discussion below.

MEMBERSHIP: 47 paid members to date

FIELD MAINTENANCE:  Field is in good shape, fairly smooth, stripes still there, and was muddy and soft but now frozen. 

Be careful parking at the far end of the lot (east end) if it warms up…You will get stuck. 

Batteries have been removed from the charging station.

The gate wheel and starting table broken wheels have been replaced.

SOUND AND SAFETY:  All is well. Some of our planes sound loud and folks are flying them anyway without taking sound measurements to confirm compliance.

This is a real issue most clubs that lose their fields is related to not regulating sound.  Rich Margules accepted the position of Sound and Safety Officer



Time was taken to present to outgoing President Cliff Becker a laser engraved propeller, prepared by Baron Technologies, for his dedication to the Club as a member and officer for 19 years.  A second prop was to be presented to Brain Cummings for his years of service as Treasurer.

·     Increase Club energy thru field fun social events i.e. BQ, Fun fly, Improve Your Flying Skills Day, Ken Blau accepted the newly restored chairman of the Social Committee

·     Focus on maintaining all current members and adding new members

·     Maintain dues at $175 or less, of course this depends on how many members we have.

·     PayPal has been set up and will be the method of dues payment and other financial transactions.  Jay Wiener will give details and instructions in a separate email to the membership


·     Ken Blau accepted the esteemed position as Social Committee Chairman

·     Gerry Yarish program February Meeting

·     Soldiers  of A Foreign War March Meeting Charles McNair, MD.  He will be asked to give a review of his book as a program at FlyRC March 6th meeting..

Excerpt: "Soldiers of a Foreign War" presents the Vietnam War in all its conflicted complexity. It is told from the enlisted soldiers' perspective and deals with the American and Vietnamese's, North and South, all teenagers, experiences as they leave their families and enter their countries' respective armies. 

The story lines follow two American infantry platoons led by sergeants Cado and Eldridge, a three-man NVA combat cell comprised of Chi, Duan and Thuy and Sp. Steve Aiken a medic in the surgical hospital. The action takes place in six months during 1969-70, in War Zone C, northwest of Saigon.

The daily misery of living and fighting in the jungle and rice paddies for these men is unimaginable. The planning, execution and aftermaths of combat operations, is presented in detail. The novel is unique in its descriptions of the wounded and their fates. Most war novels will say, "Joe got hit and was evac'd to the hospital." My book tells exactly what happened when Joe got to the hospital. The variety of destructive wounds required immediate surgeries. That was the function of the surgical hospital but the toll taken on the staff has not been told to the extent that this novel does.”


·     NE Jamboree Ken Blau as his first social planning event for the year is organizing a bus to the event

·     Resolve field mowing & equipment storage. The membership discussed field mowing for the coming year.  Mike Hedrick will head a committee to schedule members who volunteer to participate.  There will be two machines.  Members must be trained before use, for safety reason the membership emphasized this be done by two people.

Proposed 2019 Field Mowing Resolution:

      The field will be mowed and trimmed by a group of Club volunteers that will be organized by one Club member, the Mowing Coordinator.  The field and infield will be mowed & trimmed on Friday in preparation for weekend flying. During periods of rapid grass growth (typically mid-April thru mid-June), the field will be mowed again on Tuesday in preparation for Tuesday evening flying. A published schedule will be established and maintained by the Mowing Coordinator, showing who is responsible to mow on what days. Impromptu mowing outside the pre-established schedule is discouraged. In addition to managing this effort, the Mowing Coordinator will be responsible of machine maintenance, fuel and oil supply.

      Currently the Club only owns a small push mower so we will initially use two machines loaned by club members. Recognizing that all machines are different, and one is a Zero Turn, volunteers will need some instruction before they use the machine for the first time.

      If this approach is adopted, the Club will pursue purchasing a suitable mower and providing proper storage, which will be the subject of a future resolution.”

·     Future meeting site.  Membership voted to continue meeting at Hobby Hangout and Thanked John Gallager for his generosity to making HH available to the club.

·     NMHS cancelled the scheduled visit to the 1/15/2019.  Event will be rescheduled


Tabled Issues

·     Update Safety Rules and By-laws and executive officer term limits

·     Incorporate Intro Pilot Program into club rules with buddy box use.

·     Maintain our Out Reach Program

·     Re-establish Summer Club (periodic?) mtg. at the Field?  How about flying demos experts with buddy boxes?

·     Update our Web Site

      Term Limits for Officers

50/50 RAFFLE: John Mish won the 50/50.  A1099 will be provided.  He donated $10.00 back to the club.  Thank you John.

SHOW AND TELL; Bob Motta discussed his recent catch of engines.






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