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Secretary Report

January 6, 2016 Club Meeting


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General Business:

CALL TO ORDER:    7:24PM   1/06/2016



Motion to accept November 2015 minutes as submitted was made by Bob Blonski seconded by Bob Milanese approved unanimously.

Motion to accept December 2015 minutes as submitted was made Jay Wiener seconded by Vinnie Krebs approved unanimously.

Treasurer Report:

Brian Cummings reported all bills have been paid.  Dues are being collected


Bob Motta has 57 paid members to date. New member Wayne Decoti took his flying exam on New Yearís Day passed with flying colors.

Field Review:

Bill Josiger and Ron Faanes volunteered to assess what is needed and prepare a yearly budget.

Cliff Becker talked to Mike Mitchell about helping us do more clearing he was very much in favor of what we are planning.  

Bob Milanese made a motion to make a $100 gift to Mike Mitchell again this year to show our appreciation for his help.  Motion was seconded by Ron Faanes and passed unanimously.

Sound & Safety:

Gino Antonini warned club members on walking on the field when it is soft as it will leave foot prints when it freezes impacting anyone who wants to fly.  The rutted field will tear up landing gears and send planes in unexpected directions.



Old Business:

Alex Valentine put lime on the field and took soil samples.  Results indicate soli is perfect for growing grass

There were no volunteers for Filed maintenance committee. Bill Josiger and Ron Faanes volunteered to assess what is needed and prepare a yearly budget.

Nino Desposatiís program was cancelled due to his being called out of town.  He will make a presentation on electronic balancing next at February meeting.

Ken Blau is arranging for bus to the WRAMs show cost will be $40.00 this year.

Bob Blonski talked to Brookfield Town Hall on moving our meetings to Sr. Center.  The room is restricted to persons over 65.

New Business:

John Gallager Hobby Hangout is projected to open 1/24/2016.  

Swap Meet in Levittown, LI  1/31.

There was a lengthy discussion on the proposed FAA regulations on RC Flying. Briefly, presently, if you fly on an AMA field you donít need to register with the FAA.  If you fly anywhere else registration is needed. To date, FAA has agreed in principle to several proposed initiatives that will help ease the process for members. Specifically, they are:

AMA and the FAA are working to streamline the registration process for AMA members whereby those who register with the FAA will be able to use their AMA number as the primary identification on their model aircraft, as opposed to adding a new federal registration number. 

 In addition, AMA members' federal registration will automatically renew provided membership remains active and current. We are working with FAA in negotiating the renewal fee, but in any case it is envisioned the renewal process will be provided as a member benefit.  

I n the future, federal registration will automatically be accomplished upon joining the AMA, eliminating the need to register with both AMA and the FAA. 

Currently, registration is free of charge until January 19. If you would like to take advantage of this free period, you may want to register before that day you have until February 19 to register in order to avoid violating the federal rule.  

AMA members are encouraged to submit comments to the FAA about the registration rule. It is critical that all AMA members are heard loud and clear on this issue. The deadline for submitting comments is Friday, January 15.

A motion was made by Ron Faanes to continue further discussion at the next meeting when more information will be available seconded by Bob Milanese .

50/50: Won by Ron Witlock

Meeting Adjournment:

Meeting Adjourned: 8:22 PM

Minutes submitted by Ron Faanes, Secretary

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