Fairfield League of Yankee Radio Controllers  

Secretary Report

 January 6, 2010 Club Meeting



General Business:

Cliff Becker began the meeting and reviewed the previous club notes. A vote was taken and the previous club notes were accepted.

Treasurer Report:

Brian was absent from the meeting but Cliff reviewed expenses and income since the last meeting. A vote was taken and the Treasurers Report was accepted. 


Bob Motta announced that membership for the club is full and that 10 members were still unpaid for club membership. Also announced was that new members would be issued an orange card to fly at the fields for a fee.

Field Review:

The Southbury field is in great shape as well as the Newtown field.

Sound & Safety:

Gino said members should check any nylon bolts in their planes since they have a tendency to snap during cold weather.

Old Business:

Cliff mentioned the upcoming Vernon, Connecticut show on February 15, 2010.    

New Business:

Cliff complimented Bob Ranaldo on the job he has done on the club Web site. 

Cliff also mentioned the upcoming January 20, Fly-in at Pomperaug High School. Directions to Pomperaug are to take exit 16 on Interstate 84 and make a left at the Mobil gas station.

The frequency board and club name tags was again open for discussions. Some discussions were a separate frequency board for regular frequency and another for 2.4 gigahertz. 

Also a field board to be set up for members to post their AMA cards or club cards. 

A question was brought up about mowing the Newtown field during the warmer months.      

Show and Tell:

Chris brought in a Top Flite P-47 Thunderbolt. The aircraft is powered by a Fox 4.2 engine. The weight of the plane is 23 pounds and Chris has been assembling the model for about 14 months. Great job Chris!!



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