Fairfield League of Yankee Radio Controllers  

Secretary Report

February 1, 2017 Club Meeting


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General Business:

Call to Order: 7:35PM

Membership Present: 25

Approval of Minutes: Alex   Valentine motioned to approve minutes of the January 4, 2017 meeting seconded by Ken Blau.  

Treasurer Report:

Club is solvent.   

Ron Faanes and Bob Milanese were paid.


  As of the meeting there are 65 paid members

Ron Faanes and Bob Motta  went through the current AMA membership list.

S everal Fly RC members membership has expired.   No one is allowed to fly at Fly RC Field without an active AMA membership.

Paul Ivey and Cliff Becker are updating Fly RC Charter in accordance with AMA current definitions to be voted on at March  Meeting

Field Review:

Bill Josiger reported filed in good shape for this time of year

Rules and Bi-Laws:

No Action

Sound & Safety:

No Report


No Correspondence

Old Business:

Ken Blau’s Bus to AMA Eastern Jamboree is sold out it will leave from Exit 9 Park and Ride 9am Saturday 2/25.

CAP outing story was submitted to AMA via Andy Figler

New Business:

Cliff asked if there would be interest in having Club member expertise “How To” listed on a pull down menu on the web site. A discussion as to what it would involve.

No one wanted their phone listed.  Everyone has a membership list.  

If there is a member who has information “how to" or "where to go” could be contacted this way.  This will be set up with Bob Ranaldo.

Ken Blau requested members taking the bus to bring DVD’s related to modeling for entertainment on the bus.

A request was made to have a pull down menu on the web site for upcoming events i.e. Swap meets, Fly In’s

1.      AMA Northeast Expo February 24-26

2.      Lebanon Swap meet March 12 Lebanon PA

3.      Wallingford Swap Flyers SWAP Meet  April 2

4.      WRAMs SWAP Meet April 8 Yorktown Heights

Club Web Site:

Bob Ranaldo will investigate implementing "pull down" menus for 

Show and Tell:

Cliff Becker talked about restoring nacelles that were wrecked as a result of an inadvertent contact with Tera firma.

50/50 won by Bob Johnston  who donated it back to the club

Table to Future Meeting

Cliff and Paul renewing field rules and intro pilot qualified RC Members

Meeting Adjournment:

Meeting Adjourned at approximately 8:34 pm: 

Minutes submitted by Ron Faanes

Respectfully Submitted



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