Fairfield League of Yankee Radio Controllers  

Secretary Report

 February 1, 2012 Club Meeting


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General Business:

Cliff Becker was absent from the meeting. The meeting was put on by Bob Motta who read the previous club notes and a vote was taken to accept those club notes. 

Treasurer Report:

Brian reviewed expenses and income since the last meeting. A vote was taken and the Treasurers Report was accepted. 


Bob Motta reviewed club membership and said that there are 96 paid members so far. Also Bob still needs email addresses for certain members. 

Field Review:

Bob mentioned that the Southbury field is in great shape. The Newtown field is also in great shape. 

Sound & Safety:

Gino had no comment. Bob mentioned that members should not stand in front of engines that have been started. 

Old Business:

No review.

New Business:

Jerry brought in a sample of other clubs use of badges for club members. The badge will be reviewed for use by our club members. 

Vernon auction has officially been closed. Ken Blough is arranging bus transportation to the RAM show in New Jersey. 

Currently there are 15 members signed up to go on the bus. There is a price break for the bus at 20 riders so Ken is looking for more riders. 

Club Web Site:

No Comments

Show and Tell:

Bob asked for comments from any members on projects they are working on. 

A member mentioned a Sternman he is working on that has a 118 inch wingspan and will fly with a Moki 2.15 engine. The model will be covered with SoarTex. The kit is a Balsa USA kit. 

Bob mentioned that he has also used SolarTex and it is a great covering. 



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