Fairfield League of Yankee Radio Controllers  

Secretary Report

 December 7, 2011 Club Meeting


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General Business:

Cliff Becker began the meeting and mentioned that the Secretary was not at the last meeting. 

Treasurer Report:

Brian reviewed expenses and income since the last meeting. A vote was taken and the Treasurers Report was accepted. Brian also reviewed the upcoming year budget and a vote was taken to accept the budget. 


Bob Motta reviewed club membership and also passed out copies of the club membership list. Also there are about twenty members who still have not paid membership fees. 

Field Review:

Cliff mentioned that the Southbury field road is in great shape. The Newtown field is in rough shape since the storms. 

Sound & Safety:

Gino mentioned that it has been a good year since no one has been injured.

Old Business:

Cliff mentioned that we should post rules at the flying fields. Some suggestions for the wording is “No flying toward the pit areas, No high speed passes over the field, Must follow the traffic pattern when flying. 

New Business:

Cliff mentioned that it was time to re elect club board members. A vote was taken and the current board was re elected. Also the Isenglass is up at the Southbury field. Motion was passed to pay the renter of the Newtown field an additional $100. There is a problem with our Internet site which Bob Motta will check out. Probationary and paid guest must wear badges when flying. A proposal was raised to allow people on waiting list to fly as a member-in-waiting. Also they would need to pay full membership fees and must fly with a member. Cliff also mentioned the January 1, Fly-in at the Southbury field and Dan’s home will be opened to everyone after the meet. A proposal to bus people to the RAM show in New Jersey for $25.each for 35 to 40 people was raised. Bob Motta is checking on another place to hold the club meetings.

Club Web Site:

The Domain Name was re-registered for 1 year on December 5th for a fee of $15.  Our webmaster had problems getting a response from the present Registrar during the registration cycle and our website was inactive for several days.  We are in the process of moving from the present Registrar to one that our webmaster uses.    

Show and Tell:

Cliff brought in a Park Zone Spitfire he has been flying. The plane has retractable landing gear. Great plane Cliff!!



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