Fairfield League of Yankee Radio Controllers  

Secretary Report

 December 2, 2009 Club Meeting



General Business:

Cliff Becker began the meeting and mentioned that club dues are now due and if club dues are not paid you are out of the club. 

Also reviewed were previous club notes which were read and accepted by the club members.

Treasurer Report:

Brian reviewed all expenses and income since the last meeting. A vote was taken and the Treasurers Report was accepted. 


Bob Motta announced that membership for the club was full and that 20 members were still unpaid for club membership. 

Field Review:

The Southbury field is in great shape as well as the Newtown field. 

Sound & Safety:

Gino said members should make sure they keep their planes away from the pits when flying.  Again make sure you donít fly near pits, houses or road. 

Old Business:

Cliff mentioned the upcoming Vernon, Connecticut show on February 15, 2010.    

New Business:

Cliff mentioned that Bob Ranaldo will now be maintaining the club Web site.  The club members extended their thanks to Jack Tracy for his efforts in maintaining the club Web site.  

Cliff also mentioned that he will confirm the day of the January 10, Fly-in at Pomperaug High School.  

Also we will need a good amount of gravel at the Southbury field for the roads.  We will need someone to submit prices on the grave as well as top soil for the field.  Also a new system will need to be developed for the peg board at Southbury field.  

A discussion was held on various ways to make sure people flying are members.  Members were asked to come up with ideas for discussion at the next meeting.      

Show and Tell:

Bob Motta reviewed an old Fox model engine he bought at a recent show.  The engine has two cylinders and is a great item for model engine collectors.  

Cliff reviewed items he uses to cover, cut and seal his models with.  

Cliff also reviewed a SHRIKE model plane he picked up at the last year Vernon show. 

A great job was done by both Cliff and Bob!!!



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