Fairfield League of Yankee Radio Controllers  

Secretary Report

April 1, 2015 Club Meeting


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General Business:

Cliff Becker began the meeting and read the previous club notes. A motion to accept the notes was proposed and a vote was taken to accept the club notes. 

Treasurer Report:

Brian was absent from the meeting and Cliff reviewed expenses and income for the club. Motion to accept the report was proposed and accepted.


Bob Motta said that there are currently 85 paid members in the club. Bob will eMail a list of members to all club members. 

The club currently has open membership for new members. A current list of all members will be posted at the field. 

Members were reminded to update their name and address on the list. 

Field Review:

Cliff mentioned that the Southbury field is in good shape. 

Sound & Safety:

Gino had no comments.

Old Business:

Cliff mentioned that he went to the RAM show and that there was very little attendance and that this may be the last year for the show. 

New Business:

Cliff mentioned that Ken collected an extra $250 for the bus to the RAM show. 

Bob Motta proposed that we get two collapsible table for the field to start planes. The tables would be about $100 which was voted on and approved. 

Also remember to post a note on the inside of your plane with your name, address and phone number if plane is lost. 

The club voted on making Jack Hyatt a lifetime member. 

It was also noted that Paul Ivy did a great job with the club Badges. 

May 9 will be a work and clean-up day at the field. During Field Day the Isen Glass will need to be replaced. Eddie will be hired to make new frames for the glass.

 Some trees at the field will need to come down. 

Field also needs to be air rated and seeded. Cliff will check out renting an aerator. 

Cliff mentioned that food for the work party will be handled by Bob Motta. Eddie will handle the picnic in July and the times will be eMailed to everyone. 

The fence at the field also needs to be painted. 

Members should wear club badges when flying at the field. 

Club Web Site:

Nothing to report.

Show and Tell:

Cliff brought in model skis for any member that would like them. 

Bob Motta brought in a Ryan STA and had a question on the landing gear. It was suggested that he use a landing gear with “give” to it. 

Also an ARF Seagull model was brought in with an OS 46 Engine. The model is made in Vietnam.


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