Fairfield League of Yankee Radio Controllers  

Secretary Report

 April 6, 2011 Club Meeting


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General Business:

Cliff Becker began the meeting and reviewed the previous club notes. A vote was taken and the old club notes were accepted by club members. 

Treasurer Report:

Brian reviewed expenses and income since the last meeting. A vote was taken and the Treasurers Report was accepted. 


Bob Motta reviewed club membership and said that we are at 100 members. Also a membership list was distributed and members were asked to review their names, addresses and email addresses. 

Field Review:

Cliff has been removing snow at the Southbury field and also the road leading to the field is flooded. Also be careful driving to the field since the road is very bumpy. Other than these conditions the field is generally in good shape. The Newtown field is also in good shape. 

Sound & Safety:

Gino mentioned to check your transmitter batteries after the winter months. Also mentioned was that people are still close to and heading for the pits while flying. Gino still finds garbage at the fields left by club members. 

Old Business:

Cliff mentioned that that our club insurance was approved. Tables at the Southbury field are for assembling airplanes and should be cleared off after assembly. Also Pilot Boxes should be freed up after you have flown. 

On the Frequency Board your AMA card should be posted. You are only allowed to fly at the fields if you have an AMA card on you. 

Bob Motta will send an Email to members to remind them that they need a membership card to fly. Next year you must wear your membership card to fly. For 72Mhz transmitters you will need to post your AMA card on the board and be tagged with your membership card. Next year you will need to display your card as a badge. 

A vote was taken and these procedures were approved. Also a new barbecue grill will be purchased. The upcoming work party will get rid of brush at the field bring gloves for the work. Also the fences at the Southbury field are rusted and will need to be replaced. 

On May 7 a work party will need gravel to level the Southbury field road. Bob Milanese will be in charge of laying gravel at Southbury. Gino will be in charge of food for the work party. 

New Business:

An attorney was checked with to covert the club to a non- profit organization and the attorney advised against it. A vote was taken and approved not to change the club to a non-profit organization. Also a proposal was made by Joseph to establish a battery charging station at Southbury field. The proposal was for a solar or gas powered charging station. The proposal will be discussed more fully at other meetings.

Club Web Site:

No comments made.

Show and Tell:

Bob Motta brought in a model that he bought at the recent Vernon show. Great model Bob!!



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