Fairfield League of Yankee Radio Controllers  

Equipment Suppliers




www.hobbytechnik.com  Sean Kinkade manufacturer of R/C ornithopters

3 SeeBees Models - Vintage replica scale aircraft kits (ARFs)

3W Modellmotoren - German model engines

A A Industries - Manufacturer of the BUD Nosen Kits
Ace Hardware Hobbies - Includes RC car info
Advanced Micro Turbine - Manufacturer of micro turbine engines in The Netherlands
Aero-Cam - Use your 30-size heli for video or cameras
AeroDuds - Custom aviation embroidered apparel for clubs, hobby shops, and individuals
Aero FZD - World class aircraft
Aerofoam Radio Control EPP warbirds kits, F4U corsair, F-15, Avro Vulcan, Warthog. EPP techiques

Aerospace Composite Products - Huge online catalog of composite products
Aerotech Models, Inc. - By Wayne Siewert
Aerotech R/C Models - Largest selection precision cut giant scale r/c aerobatic kits
Aero Telemetry - Portable data downlinks, parachutes, data-loggers for RC models
Aerotrend Products - Homesite of Blue Line silicone fuel tubing and other accessories
AeroWorks - World Class Aircraft
Air Age - A survey from the publishers of Model Airplane News

Air-Borne Models - RC scale planes, stunt planes

Air Hobbies - Giant Scale Engines, components and services
Aircare - Ultimate in R/C protection. Top quality wing,radio,prop,fuse bags
Airfly Modelle - German model kits
Airtronics - RC radios, receivers, servos, ...

Airwild Hobbies - Maker of 27% Edge 540T, servo arms and cables, wing bags, ...
AJ Wingnut & Co. - Manufacturer of Silhouette & Quicksilver sailplanes
Akamodell Stuttgart e.V. - We construct model aircraft, heli's, turbines
AKME - Affordable high technology. Electronics for model aircraft
All-American Kit Cutters - The hobby's largest premier quality kit cutters
Alpex Hobby - Manufacturer of quality hobby products like servos, speed controllers
AMS R/C Hobbies - Quality R/C products, European & Domestic goods
Anabat R/C Models - Anabat, RC slope soaring gliders -- original foamies
Anglia Model Centre - Manufacturer of scale and sport model aircraft kits
APC - APC props, R&D info, new products. Racepro products

Arizona Models - Early and vintage flying scale model aircraft kits
Arrow Manufacturing - Glowplug drivers, electronics switches, locator beacons
Art's Hobby - Strength building materials. Currently only r/c airplane focused
Aspire Engineering - Data acquisition circuits for r/c aircraft
Astro Flight Inc. - Color catalog, Astro technical info, super gear boxes

Autogyro Company of Arizona - Model Autogyro kits for RC
Aveox - Manufacturers of brushless DC Motors
Aviastar Model Engine - Fine glow engines designed for large scale models
B2Streamlines - Specialty books for modelers
Balsacraft - One of UK's leading kit manufacturers
Balsa Dust Factory Home Page - Custom built RC planes
Balsa USA - Balsa USA Company
Ben Buckle Kits - Manufacturer of old timer balsa airplane kits and antique plans
Bergen R/C Helicopters - Maker of the Intrepid helicopter
BK Modellflyg - Sport and scale model plans and accessories
Blu-Dartar - New Hand Launch Glider, roost of the bludartar

BME Engines - High performance engines and accessories
Bob Fiorenze Models - Bob Fiorenze Web site!
Bob Francis Models - Giant scale kits and plans
Bob Violett Models - Radio Control Jets & accessories, turbines, and ducted fans
Boca Bearings - Miniature Bearings for Hobby and Industry
Bolly Products - Manufacturer of r/c aircraft products and carbon fibre products
Boatman Hobbies - Specializing in gas boat hulls & accessories, engines
Bowmans Hobbies - High performance EPP sailplanes

Brison Aircraft - Giant scale aircraft engines
Cactus Aviation Models - Large scale modeler info. Kits, 3 W motors, Menz props
Carden Aircraft - Giant scale aerobatic models
Carl Goldberg Models, Inc. - Model kits, information, etc.
Castle RC - RC model electronics
Cavazos Sailplane Design - MFG. speed 400, F3F/F5B, slope, class a/b sailplane
CB Air - High end cad design for rc models using alias software
Century Jet - Quality retracts and kits

Cermark - Good quality ARCs, ARFs, and accessories
CH Ignitions - Ignition systems for r/c engines, parts and service
Combat Models R/C Jets - Manufacturer of scale jets for the average modeler
Commander R/C Models - F/G floats/structural, streamlined, alum tubing & kits
Composite Aircraft Technologies - Fantastic new high speed pusher design for your approval
Composite Model Works - We make and sell the Spyder Moth slow flyer
Conachen Custom Building - Custom builder and giant airplane kit manufacturer
Coolpins - Manufacturer of custom frequency pins for clubs and pilots
Coverite - HQ covering, accessories, model paints. Black Baron & 21st Century lines
Crescent Designs - RC Electric sport and scale model aircraft kits
Crusader Toys - Flight stands for helicopter and aircraft
CTS - Competition tracking software, EasyTrack is our flagship product
Custom Canopies - Painted helicopter canopies, fuel proof high gloss finish
Custom Cutters - Giant scale model aircraft kits manufacturer
Custom Cut Model Lettering - Custom computer cut vinyl lettering
Custom RC - Instrument Panels, Cockpits, Hints, Info for large scale modelers
Dave Brown Products - Manufacturer of the Dave Brown flight simulator
Dave's Covert Surveilance - Wireless & micro-mini cameras/transmitters
Dave's Aircraft Works - Airplane kits, links, info, and valuable building tips
David Merriman's R/C SUBs - Miniatures, R/C submarines
De Zwaluw Modelbouw - Giving a new meaning to modeling
Degree Controls - Design/manuf. thermal environment controls for electronic enclosures

Desert Aircraft - Giant scale motors, props, kits, and accessories
DirtroadSetc - Computer support and R/C cars club page
Discount R/C Parts - Buy your parts for less
DJ Aerotech - Manufacturer, Power/Sailplane kits, including Monarch series HLG's
D & M's Electronics - RCD/HiTec Dealer. Service/repair most R/C systems
Draganfly Innovations Inc. - Blimps and indoor helicopters. All Canadian
Dream Catcher Hobby, Inc. - Gliders, FG fuses, supplies, obechi, multiplex & Hitec dealer
Dremel - Dremel products and plans for crafts, hobby, woodworking and more!
DRS Custom WorX - Custom painting, machining/anodizing for R/C

Du-Bro Products - RC hardware and accessories
Durable Aircraft Models - Manufacturer of 1/7 semi-scale P-51 Mustang slope glider
DuraPlane - DuraPlane
DuraTrax - DuraTrax
Dymond ModelSports - Specialized in electric airplanes and accessories
Dynaflite - Model airplanes, sailplanes and accessories which are priced affordably
Dynamic Balsa - R/C aircraft kits, plans, jets and foam wings
Dynamic Modeling - Information on helpful instruction books for r/c systems
E.A. Electronics - Electronic speed controls, morse code units for scale R/C Ships
Electric Jet Factory - Specializing in electric powered model aircraft
Electronic Model Systems - All kinds of RC electronics
ElectroDynamics - R/C products: electronics, batteries, connectors, engines
Elite Speed Products - R/C racing, batteries, Yokomo, Nexxus & epic motors, etc
Emperor-Multiplex USA - Karlton Spindle
Epic R/C, Inc. - Model aircraft, foam cutting/wire (see hints page for 'foam-how-to')
Espace Modeles - French distributor of all major brands in scale models
Euromodell - Gliders (Mini) Ellipse, Esprit, Escape
ExCell Racing Products - Sellers of high quality competition battery packs
Falcon Hobbies - Canada's Bolly dealer, r/c aerobatics
Fastelectrics.com - Lightning Man motors, hulls and speed controls, Mega motors
FHS Supply, Inc. - Red Max 1st place award winning model fuels
Fiberclassics - German model kits
FibreGlast - Fiberglass supplies and instructions online
Flexi-lights Home Page - Info/prices of Plastic Optical Fibre for model making
Flight - Batteries and electronic devices for the modeller
Flight Dynamics - Helix simulator website
Flite Craft Models - Flite Craft Models
Flite-Metal - Adhesive backed .0015" thick aluminum covering for 100% scale airplanes
Floyd R/C Sailplane - Foam sailplane for one design, combat or funfly
Flug Aparatebau Wolf - Prepainted, molded Speed 400 Warbirds. Germany
FMA Direct - World class R/C receivers

Folding Flyer - Low cost RC plane

Four Pi - RC aircraft kits
Fox Manufacturing - R/C, C/L, new gas engines, glow plugs, accessories
FunAero R/C - Laser cut airplane kits and accessories
Futaba - One of the worlds largest r/c radio manufacturers
GloBee - An innovative line of accessories for the nitro hobbyist
Grand Sport RC - Large scale r/c controled powerboats
Graupner - Home page of Graupner Inc.
Great Planes - Great Planes Model Manufacturing Company
Gulf Coast Model Products Quality balsa at reasonable rates and other r/c modeling products

Hanley Innovations - NACA 4&5-digit airfoil plotting/analysis programs
Hans Witkowski - Marutaka Models
Hansell Composites Ltd., - Manufacturing Services, carbon-fibre components
Heli-Max - High-tech helicopter accessories
Helimetrex - Ariel photography from RC helicopters
Hitec RCD Inc. - "The R/C ers Partner" Manufacturer of Radio Controls

Hot Wire Foam Factory - Manufacturer of foam cutting tools for with foam models
House of Balsa, Inc. - House of Balsa Incorporated
IAD Model Designs - Manufacturer of large scale aerobatic kits & accessories
Icare Sailplanes - Makers of the Swift S-1. Quebec, Canada
Ice Mouldings - Fibreglass model aircraft specialists
Jet Engineering - Manufacturer of high performance model aircraft engines and accessories
JKAerotech - Slickmount for small R/C, etc.
JMD Models - Classic RC kits that are one of a kind and great to fly
JP's Hobbyverkstad - Producing electronic equipment for R/C aircraft
JTEC Model Engine Accessories Manufacturer of engine mounts, mufflers, test stands, accessories

Just Canopies - Custom painted r/c helicopter canopies
Just Engines - Engines, spares, (in-cowl) silencers, manifold, pipes, access.
JV Trading in Hommelvik - Manufacturer of Falcon Transmittertrays in Norway
Kanata Aircraft Models - Diamond Industries DA20. Glas/epoxy fuse, foam wings, .15/.25 power

  K&B Manufacturing - R/C model engines & accessoiries
K&W Model Airplanes Inc. - 1/5th scale R/C built up models ARF finished
Kinetics - RC hovercraft
Kirbys Kustom Vinyl Graphics - Manufacturer of scale and custom vinyl graphics for R/C
Kyosho - SeaWind, FairWind, Seabreeze, Pinnacle
Labco, Dept. RCM - Labco, Make real Decals with your computer and printer
Lanier RC - Makers of fine ARFs and kits
Larsen R/C Products - Laser cutting for modelers and manufacturers
Laser Arts - A laser cutting service for scratch builders and small companies
Lasercut USA - Tired of having your plans cut up? Call Lasercut
Lightning Aircraft Engines - Large opposed twins for giant scale aircraft
Likes Line Landing Gear - Manufacturer of retractable and fixed landing gear
Litco Systems - Alpha 4 uP controlled multitasking Battery Management System
Little BIG Winch - We manufacture launching winches for RC sailplanes
LRP Electronics - Line of German made electronic speedcontrols for USA
Lucas Aero Models - Professional builder of high quality kits
L. Zoder Modellsport - Manufacturer of large scale models

Mac's Products - High Performance exhaust and smoke systems
MAD Aircraft Design - Manufacturer, EPP sailplanes, micro, thermal, slope, combat
MaxCim Motors, Inc - Brushless motors and digital speed controllers 

McDaniel R/C - Glow drivers and things
MDW Aviation - Makers of the intense and dense Super*Dri Aviation Smoke Oil
Mecoa Engines - Model Engines of America
MicroAviation - Manufacturer of in/outdoor airships and blimps with wireless video
Micro Fasteners - Micro Fasteners for the RC Hobby. Free catalog
MicroJet Technologies - Manufacturer of model jets. Rocket power, prop & radio control
Micropilot - Miniature RC Autopilots
MicroSail - R/C sailboats with spinnakers, moveable ballast, InstaReefing & WingTipRig
Midwest Products - Success series r/c airplane kits
MJS-Vinyl Graphics - Specializing in vinyl lettering & graphics
Model Airplanes Design & Construction Design handbook for electric/gas powered models, lots of data

Modelair Tech - Electric r/c model aircraft products and engines
Model Research Labs - Catalog of composite materials, detailed instructions, contest oriented
MR AeroDesign - Top quality radio control CAD plans
Multiplex USA/Critter Bits - Multiplex Germany's largest r/c company now in USA
M&R Engines - 3d Aerobatics giant scale rc engines
MV Racing Products - OPS engines, Rossi, double plug heads, access., torque wrenches

MVVS engines - High performance engines, exhausts, and accessories
NACA Airfoils for Windows - Prints any NACA 4 or 5 digit foils to scale
New Creations R/C - Electric Flight System Supplier
Niagara Custom Model Products - Foam core true scale float kits for r/c aircraft
Nick Ziroli Plans Online - Giant scale plans and accessories
NK Electronics - Nielsen-Kellerman, makers of the Kestrel pocket wind meter
Norvel - Manufacturer of small glow engines in Russia, sold in the USA
Novak Electronics - Novak Electronics
Ohmark Electronics - Manufacturer of RC electronics gadgets
Orr Products - Hobbystand will hold your aircraft in any position or height
O.S Engines - O.S. Engines from Japan, still one of the best!
Perma-Grit - Perma-Grit sanding tools. Used by Philip Avonds, Bob Fiorenze, modelers
Planes, Wings & Things - Reflective tapes, hinge tapes, carbon rods/tubes
Prince Air Models Co. - Fiberglas model manufacturer in Brazil
Proctor Enterprises - Vintage and WWI museum scale aircraft kits
Pro-Scale Models - One-stop source for all your modeling needs, tons of graphics
Posi-Connects - Manufacturer of POSI connectors
Pyramid Models - Manufacturers of r/c aircraft decals & accessories
Quaddra/Aerrow - Quaddra engine manufacturer in Eastern Canada
Quick Tech Hobby - High tech Radio Control modeling
Radical RC - Airplane supplies at incredible prices
Radio Control Specialties - HQ RC retractible landing gear accessories of a special nature
RBC Kits - Supplier for cnc cut parts and RBC kits
RB Products - Designers of 2.5 & 3.5cc gas engines for RC cars
RB-RC Products - Mostly special lubricants for the RC hobby
RC America - Builders of fine large scale aircraft
RC CAD R/C Cad supplies a 3D, real-time visualization of your aircraft. Free download
RC Ignition - Authorized dealer for Quadra Aerrow & Zenoah
RC Simulator - An amazing rc simulator
RC Trainer - Computer Designs, Joystick interface, R/C trainer
RC-UP - Performance flying wings
RCV Engines - Manufacturer of the RCV engine
RealFlight 3D - RealFlight 3-D R/C flight simulator for windows95, 32-bit on CD-ROM
Rich Uravitch - Sport scale plans-&-plastic-packages, accessories and pics
RIPO Exclusivemodellbau - German all-glass scale glider manufacturer
Ritch's Brew - Go-Fuel for Radio Control
RMD Technology, Inc. - Video, telemetry, overlay products, Sensors, GPS
Robart Manufacturing - Industry Leader of Retractable Landing Gear
Robbe - Robbe manufacturing, Europe. Makes excellent quality!
Rockville Sky Birds - R/C airfields & hobby sales. Manufacturer of aircraft kits
Rodchuck - Safer & reliable threaded pushrods from inexpensive welding rods

Rossi - Rossi engines, glow pluges, accessories, ...
Rotary Flight AG - Manufacturer/dealer for model helicopters, scale about 1:6
RPV Industries - Manufacturer of the EPP combat glider, F-21 Predator
Saito Engines - Fine four stroke engines
Sam Moss Productions - Manufacturer of plans/kits. (Boeing 80A)
Scaled Composites LLC - Scale aircraft, tooling, manufacturing, composite structure designs
Scale Stits Covering - Polyester Vinyl paint covery system for RC Aircraft/Boats
Scale Sailplanes - Canadian manufacturer/distributor of scale sailplanes & electric models
Segel und Electroflug - Planes, pictures, tips, experimentals, gliders
S.I.G. Manufacturing - Wide variety of very hq balsa r/c airplane kits & accesories
Sky Bench Aerotech - Home of the best 2 meter sailplane available
Skyborn Electronics - Power management & telemetry systems for a/c, cars, rockets
Sky Spy - On board video and telemetry gear
Slimline Products Manufacturer of exhaust systems and fueling accessories for model aircraft

S.M. Services - R/C aircraft electronics manufacturer specialist in large models
Southern Model Products - Manufacturer of hobby R/C aircraft hold downs
SpiderJets - Manufacturer of gas turbine powered jets' model kits
SR Batteries - R/C Nicads, Cell specs, Electric Flight supplies, Power Systems and kits
Stitch A Logo - Custom embroidered wear. For r/c clubs, etc.
Strike Aircraft - Professional builder of Jets & WWII aircraft
Sullivan Products - RC Modeling accessories, tanks, wheels, starters, ....
Superior - Large BALSA manufacuturer, bass, spruce, & aircraft grade plywood
Super Circuits - Micro Video equipment
SuperTigre - Manufacturer of the Super Tigre engines
S&W Hobby Supply Manufacturer of fuel, fittings, heli canopies, carbon spinners, accessories

Tamiya USA - Tamiya homepage in USA
Taurus Engines - Mfg of custom 2 cycle engines & related products
Technopower - Handcrafted scale aircraft radial engines
Tekin Electronics - Tekin Electronics
Top Flite - Top Flite hobby store
The Balsa Cabin - Intern'l supplier of AAA grade balsa wood, kits, p-planes, gliders
The Composites Store - Building with today's technology
The Knob - Replacement sticks for rc transmitters
The Model Dockyard - Plans, kit service, information
The Virtual Spy - Wireless Video Transmitters, 500ft to 1/2 mile
Thunder Tiger USA, Inc. - Endless persuit of perfection
TNC Electronics R/C Web - High-res digital optical tachometers
TNR Technical, Inc. - The Battery Store

TNT Landing Gear Products - Landing gear, props, glues, panels, ....

TME - Smoke systems and trickle charger

Top-Flite - Model aircraft kits
Tork-It - Supplier of hq torque wrenches/drivers for the r/c modeler
Tri-Art RC Products - Tri-Art tote table and other innovative rc products
Trick R/C - R/C slope Foamies The Zagi, B2-A, and The Razor!
Troy Built Models - Troy Built Models

TufFlight - Tough, aerobatic R/C kits. Fun fly, sport and scale combat
UNAV, Inc - GPS autopilots and control systems
U.S. Aircore - U.S. Aircore - Man. of lightweight aircraft kits
U.S. Composites Supplier of fiberglass and composites materials, carbon, polyester, epoxy resins

U.S. Engines - U.S. Engines for large scale aircraft
Varsane Products - Perry carbs, pumps, fluid control products for r/c
Vencon Technologies - UBA III, smart test your batteries
ViaGrafix - ModelCad
Victor Engineering - Electronics like the Super-IQ, now with battery spike attachment
Vinyl Graphics by Greg - VGG specializes in custom decals & designs
Wireless Video Cameras - Airborne video systems
Wendel Hostetler's Plans  - Giant scale R/C Aircraft plans. 1930 classics to modern high speed

Wings 2.0 - CAD software package to design model planes and other aircraft
Wireless Video Cameras - Airborne video systems for rc aircraft
X List Model Plans - R/C Plane and boat plans resources

Yellow Aircraft - Makers of quality jets and pre-built kits
YW Engines - YW gasoline engines for r/c model aircraft

Zagi - High performance slope, combat, thermal, and electric airplanes

ZDZ Giant Scale Engines - Giant scale engines

Zenoah Engines - Single and twin cylinder gas engines
Ziegelmeyer Enterprises - Manufacturer of towhooks, skids, skags and horns, for sailplanes
ZNLine US - ZNLine pattern and IMAC airplanes in the U.S.
ZN Line Modelisme et Composite - R/C F3A and giant aerobatics models Factory
Z Systeme - A totally new flying wing built as a kite
Zycore Inc. - Manufacturer of R/C aircraft products, and missiles



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